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Caroline Rose meets golden retriever puppies for the first time... 

Welcome to Liberty Run Golden Retrievers

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Breeders of Calm and Healthy Golden Retriever Puppies


We are located in Sykesville, MD -- 30 minutes from Baltimore, Maryland, and about an hour from Washington, DC and Northern Virginia.

Phone: 410 549 2911 (9:00am-8:00pm EST)


Outdoor Puppy-Cam is Off

Indoor Puppy-Cam is Off


Thank you for visiting us here at Liberty Run On-line.  We are breeders of calm, intelligent, and healthy Golden Retrievers which make great companions!  We offer Golden Retriever Puppies and Golden Retriever Stud Services.    


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Golden Retriever Breeders -- a family portrait

Picture courtesy of Katie. 

"Truly America's Dog... Finn (Samson & Lexi)"

Thanks for sharing, Katie!

Caroline socializes Liberty Run Golden Retriever puppies.

Caroline enjoys socializing Golden Retriever puppies. (picture compliments of Debby and Bill.)

Upcoming Golden Retriever Litter Information

UPDATE AS OF March 7, 2014:  Liberty Run's Sugar Cookie gave birth to her babies on January 31st. 


Please see Cookie's Litter Page  for details about the breeding.  We are now accepting deposits for the babies.   They will be ready to go when they turn eight weeks of age on March 28, 2014. 


These puppies are the sixth generation from our first breeding pair shown in the family portrait (Vana, baby puppy and Harley, at right). The track record behind the breeding is tremendous.  Older relatives are healthy, intelligent, and calm.  Catch up with their families on our Facebook page (link below).   Based on the track record established, we know babies from Cookie and Scout's litter will make exceptional companions.   


See unsolicited testimonials from people who have our puppies on Facebook (you don't need an account on Facebook to view the pages).  Please visit our Facebook Page,, and the Liberty Run Puppy Owners Group page,    We love it when families post pup-dates and pictures on our FaceBook pages. 


Our Golden Retriever babies make exceptional family companions -- ones that are intelligent, devoted and healthy.  When you visit, you can see first-hand the exceptional temperament and health of our Goldens. 


CLICK HERE  for information about reserving a Liberty Run puppy.


Please call us, 410-549-2911.  We're always glad to hear from ya.  The best way to reach us is by phone.    Please note we own and operate a working farm.  Our number one priority is life - life of our kids, dogs, cattle, horses, and chickens.  Phone, email, internet, etc. come second.  We apologize in advance when we can't take your call immediately.  Calls are important, but we do have to prioritize.  If you've ever lived on a working farm, you know what we're talking about.  When you reserve a puppy from us, you do get access to Patrick and Suzanne's personal cell phones, which you can call or text.


Liberty Run Golden Retriever Breeders take 1st Place!Vana Captures 1st Place!


Vana, pictured at left with her handler and trial secretary, earned her obedience title by taking First Place in two separate competitions. And, she competed against 60 other dogs.

The breeders here at Liberty Run strive to breed Golden Retriever puppies that are easy to train, calm, and healthy, just like Vana.

Congratulations Vana!


Liberty Run Goldens - breeders of exceptional Golden Retriever Puppies: Mission Statement

Liberty Run Golden Retriever Breeders and puppies

Patrick holds Harley and litter-mate brothers who were 7 weeks of age in picture. Harley is second from right.  Harley as an adult is pictured at top of this page.

Because you're visiting our site, you will probably agree with us that Golden Retrievers are one of the prettiest breeds of dogs.

It's generally accepted that Golden Retrievers were originally bred to retrieve waterfowl. They have a highly developed scenting ability and possess great intelligence which makes them easy to train. Because of their calm, gentle, and loyal nature, a Golden Retriever puppy from Liberty Run makes an ideal family companion.

It is our breeding objective to produce intelligent, calm, and healthy Golden Retrievers - ones that are easy for you to train, great to have as companions, and healthy. This is how the breed is supposed to be! To accomplish this, we breed only healthy and obedient adult Golden Retrievers, like Vana above, who earn obedience titles, not beauty pageant or hunting titles.  Our moms and dads have their OFA, CERF, and SAS clearances. Original documents are here for you to view, and we provide copies of these to you when you purchase a puppy from Liberty Run.

Golden Retriever Puppies at play...

Liberty Run Golden Retriever puppies play together.

We at Liberty Run Goldens do not inbreed or line-breed our dogs. Those techniques may produce a pretty dog, but we feel they weaken dogs mentally. And we believe those breeding techniques have led to all the health problems associated with Goldens, today.   

A Golden Retriever puppy from Liberty Run grows to be dog that is smart as a whip, loaded with personality, and calm. Yet it will not sleep through the arrival of an unannounced visitor to your home! Many proud owners of our puppies tell us that their puppy is like an extra set of eyes and ears - always alert. If you're looking for a healthy and intelligent companion dog, contact us at Liberty Run Goldens. We look forward to hearing from you.


Puppy Socialization at Liberty Run Golden Retrievers

Kelly holds  Golden Retriever puppies We here at Liberty Run Goldens begin puppy socialization of our Golden Retrievers from day one of a puppy's life. another adorable Liberty Run Golden Retreiver puppy... Many children, like Kelly pictured at left, play an integral role in each puppy's development. They play with our puppies, hold them, and care for them every day. You could say they are our "secret weapon" here! We believe surrounding our puppies with responsible young folks, as well as access to 250 acres and three spring-fed ponds, produces a sound and happy puppy. It also provides hours of fun for the kids, too.  

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Liberty Run Golden Retriever Puppy!  Our breeding emphasis is health and temperament.  We do not breed beauty pageant or hunting dogs.  Just exceptional family companions.

Aiden and his Shadow.

Picture courtesy of Jennie.

Liberty Run has been breeding exceptional companion Golden Retrievers Since October 1994.


Call us for our email address if you need it.  We're always glad to hear from you. 




Need some HONEST references for Liberty Run?  Hey, in today's world, who wouldn't?  Checkout Liberty Run's Facebook Page.  You don't need a FaceBook account to see it.   There you'll find real people who have visited our farm and made one of our puppies a member of their families.  Or if you're on FaceBook, check out our Liberty Run Puppy Owners Facebook Group.  People who have our puppies constantly update our FaceBook pages with comments and photos. 




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